What script-manager do?

  • Hi, I use jsreport in centos at first after install jsreport in server it work perfectly for the response time but after use a couple month response time increse from 5 sec to about 8 sec. After drill down I found the script manager (use nodejs to send data and call to api/report) is take a long time so I wonder what is script manager do and how to improve the perfomance of jsreport.
    For image result https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kDZVzyCAxlxSk-Sa4t0sehP3hs7iA3Ww/view?usp=sharing
    Thank you

  • jsreport uses script-manager to evaluate user javascript code.
    This happens every time jsreport is evaluating templating engine of your template or your custom script.

    Not sure what could be a problem here. You would need to elaborate more on the details.

    However, maybe this is an option for you... Later today we should release stable jsreport v3. It has different architecture and doesn't use a script manager. You could try to deploy and see if the problem is solved. Or we would analyze together what's wrong.

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