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  • Hi,
    i set up a jsreport server on a windows 2019 server. It seems to be running good ... but some technical issues i have already:

    I tried to set up a SSL Certificate to make it callable with https. I think the jsreport server will deliver the certificate to the clients?
    I found a forum topic with google and so I changed config file to:
    'httpPort": 5488,
    "certificate ": {
    "cert": "cert_mycrtfile.crt"

    I only got an crt file from my ssl provider, could this so work ? I dont know and i dont found any documentation - the log file isnt helpfull

    Can someone give some hints or can give some links to the correct help or documentation?

  • The config can look like this:

    "httpsPort": 443,
    "certificate": {
      "key": "xxx.key",
      "cert": "xxx.cert"

    Note that while this will let you listen jsreport(nodejs) on the ssl port ad secure the connection, it isn't used so much these days. The cloud providers like azure/aws typically provide a simple way to use https and proxy already secured requests to the services (like jsreport) listening on the plain http. Or there is an extra web server like nginx in the infrastructure that has ssl setup and reverse proxy to the jsreport also just plain http.

  • I found the configuration part in the docu and maked it work.
    It have to been set a httpsPort also.
    With a single crt File it dont work on Windows Server the certificate can be exported to a pfx and this can be used for the server.

    Topic closed :-) :-)

  • Oh i was to late, thanks for your time and help ;-)

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