breaking change in localization extension when upgrading from 3.0.1 to 3.1.1?

  • Hi,

    we have templates in folders like this:
    0_1639387491241_Screenshot from 2021-12-13 16-24-16.png

    in test.template, I use the localize function:

    {{localize "test" "./translations"}}

    The following request to /api/report succeeds on jsreport 3.0.1:

          "template": { "name" : "/testfolder/test.template" },
          "data" : { "test": "bar" },
          "options": {
              "localization": {
                  "language": "en"

    However, on jsreport 3.1.1 it fails with this error:

        "message": "Error when evaluating engine handlebars for template /testfolder//testfolder/test.template\nlocalize helper couldn't find asset with data at translations/en.json",
        "stack": "Error: localize helper couldn't find asset with data at translations/en.json\n    at Object.localize (/app/node_modules/@jsreport/jsreport-localization/lib/worker.js:42:17)"

    Am I doing something wrong? Apparently, the localize helper can't resolve the relative folder reference any more. Thanks in advance!

    (see attached export file sorry, I can't seem to upload non-image files)

  • Thank you for reporting. I'm able to reproduce it. It's bug.
    I've submitted it also to the github
    We will fix this in update 3.2.0 this week.
    I apologize for the problems.

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