JSReport v3 and aws-s3-storage is not compatible

  • First, JSReport v2 with aws-s3-storage was running.
    After I update JSReport to version 3.2 and configure to use aws-s3-storage (blobStorage provider), I cant initialize JSReport.

    2022-01-10T21:47:27.647Z - error: Error occurred during reporter init: Error: Error when loading extension aws-s3-storage@1.1.0
    Error: Extension "aws-s3-storage" is not compatible with "core" extension. Missing ".requires" information in "aws-s3-storage" definition
    at validateMinimalVersion (/Users/******/jsreportapp3/node_modules/@jsreport/jsreport-core/lib/main/extensions/validateMinimalVersion.js:24:11)

  • I updated my @jsreport/jsreport-core to version 3.3.0, in file node_modules/@jsreport/jsreport-core/package.json, and then could start jsreport with extension aws-s3-storage installed.

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