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  • Hi,

    Is it possible to deploy jsreport in an HA fashion using several Docker containers pointed at the same backing store? For example, can I bring up 2 jsreport containers, each in a different AZ, but point them at the same Postgres database and then load balance connections to jsreport? Can I share the filesystem directories between the containers using EFS so that I can install plugins once and have all jsreport containers use them?


  • Hi Barry,

    using a store like postgres or mongo should work fine for you in the multi server scenario.
    We use it the same way in the jsreportonline.

    Using file system shared across multiple instances could be dangerous.
    We do reload the database on changes when the underlying files are changed, but this was designed purely for the development experience.

    I would recommend using a mongo or sql like store in multi server production environment.
    Or using readonly templates and file system store.

  • Thanks, Jan.

    If we use a SQL backing store, do we even need the filesystem for anything? Can we put everything into the database?

  • In this case everything should go to the sql. That is the purpose of the store abstraction.

    We also store blobs in the blob storage abstraction, which defaults to file system.
    However these are only the offline reports currently, which are rarely used.
    You very likely don't use this at all https://jsreport.net/learn/reports

  • Great, thank you!

  • Hi,
    I have question related to this HA configuration: what about licensing for on-premise in production? In case I want to configure 2 servers in HA pointing to the same backing SQL, do I need 2 enterprise licenses? (Or in alternative a single enterprise scale?)

  • @fedebona Yes, you need two enterprise licenses or single enterprise scale license in this case.

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