jsreport 3.3 error with postgres store

  • Hi, I was trying out the new jsreport 3.3 with a fresh/empty Postgres database but I am getting an error when I try to log in to the studio UI.
    It seems that the postgres db has some columns missing or with a bad name?

    PS C:\Projects\jsreport3.3> jsreport start
    2022-01-18T20:13:21.130Z - info: Initializing jsreport (version: 3.3.0, configuration file: jsreport.config.json, nodejs: 16.13.1)
    2022-01-18T20:13:21.134Z - info: Searching for available extensions in C:\Projects\jsreport3.3\
    2022-01-18T20:13:21.139Z - info: Extensions location cache doesn't contain entry yet, crawling
    2022-01-18T20:13:22.750Z - info: Found 36 extension(s)
    2022-01-18T20:13:22.775Z - debug: Writing extension locations cache to C:\Users\JANNO~1.SAK\AppData\Local\Temp\jsreport\core\locations.json
    2022-01-18T20:13:22.778Z - debug: Discovered 36 extensions
    2022-01-18T20:13:22.816Z - info: Using extension authentication@3.2.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.003Z - info: Using extension base@3.0.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.009Z - info: Using extension child-templates@3.0.1
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.012Z - info: Using extension cli@3.0.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.015Z - info: Using extension components@3.2.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.017Z - info: Using extension data@3.0.1
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.018Z - info: Using extension express@3.2.1
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.269Z - info: Using extension freeze@3.0.1
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.271Z - info: Using extension fs-store@3.0.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.348Z - info: Using extension handlebars@3.0.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.353Z - info: Using extension import-export@3.0.2
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.363Z - info: Using extension jsrender@3.0.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.365Z - info: Using extension licensing@3.0.1
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.384Z - info: Using extension localization@3.1.1
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.387Z - info: Using extension npm@3.1.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.392Z - info: Using extension pdf-utils@3.2.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.395Z - info: Using extension postgres-store@3.0.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.547Z - info: Using extension reports@3.0.1
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.553Z - info: Using extension tags@3.1.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.556Z - info: Using extension text@3.0.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.558Z - info: Using extension version-control@3.0.1
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.571Z - info: Using extension assets@3.2.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.584Z - info: Using extension authorization@3.2.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.590Z - info: Using extension browser-client@3.1.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.593Z - info: Using extension chrome-pdf@3.1.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.598Z - debug: Chrome strategy is chrome-pool, numberOfWorkers: 5
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.599Z - info: Using extension docx@3.1.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.602Z - info: Using extension html-to-xlsx@3.1.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.682Z - info: html-to-xlsx detected chrome as available html engine
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.683Z - info: Using extension pptx@3.1.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.686Z - info: Using extension scheduling@3.0.1
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.716Z - info: Using extension scripts@3.2.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.718Z - info: Using extension static-pdf@3.0.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.719Z - info: Using extension studio@3.3.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.775Z - info: Using extension xlsx@3.1.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.798Z - info: Using extension public-templates@3.0.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.800Z - info: Using extension sample-template@3.1.0
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.803Z - info: Using extension studio-theme-dark@3.0.1
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.805Z - info: Using general timeout for rendering (reportTimeout: 60000)
    2022-01-18T20:13:23.806Z - info: Using postgres provider for template store.
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.047Z - debug: studio default theme is: light
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.049Z - debug: studio is using custom logo from base64 source
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.077Z - info: Creating default express app.
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.096Z - info: jsreport server successfully started on http port: 5588
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.099Z - info: Verifying license key free
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.102Z - info: Using free license
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.113Z - info: Migrating templates chrome settings (waitForNetworkIddle -> waitForNetworkIdle)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.119Z - info: Migration successful
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.122Z - debug: Inserting samples
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.127Z - debug: Creating folder "samples" for sample entities
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.141Z - debug: Inserting sample entity Invoice (entitySet: folders)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.158Z - debug: Inserting sample entity Orders (entitySet: folders)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.173Z - debug: Inserting sample entity Sales (entitySet: folders)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.189Z - debug: Inserting sample entity shared (entitySet: folders)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.207Z - debug: Inserting sample entity invoice-data (entitySet: data)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.227Z - debug: Inserting sample entity sales-data (entitySet: data)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.249Z - debug: Inserting sample entity sales-main (entitySet: templates)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.277Z - debug: Inserting sample entity invoice-main (entitySet: templates)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.301Z - debug: Inserting sample entity orders-header (entitySet: templates)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.320Z - debug: Inserting sample entity orders-main (entitySet: templates)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.336Z - debug: Inserting sample entity invoice-styles.css (entitySet: assets)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.358Z - debug: Inserting sample entity orders-styles.css (entitySet: assets)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.376Z - debug: Inserting sample entity sales-styles.css (entitySet: assets)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.391Z - debug: Inserting sample entity global helpers.js (entitySet: assets)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.408Z - debug: Inserting sample entity invoice-logo.png (entitySet: assets)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.428Z - debug: Inserting sample entity orders-script (entitySet: scripts)
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.446Z - info: Initializing worker threads
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.447Z - debug: Extensions in workers: authentication, base, child-templates, components, data, express, handlebars, jsrender, localization, npm, pdf-utils, reports, text, version-control, assets, authorization, browser-client, chrome-pdf, docx, html-to-xlsx, pptx, scripts, static-pdf, studio, xlsx
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.646Z - info: 2 worker threads initialized in 200ms
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.647Z - info: Starting temp files cleanup with 180000ms threshold
    2022-01-18T20:13:24.648Z - info: reporter initialized
    2022-01-18T20:14:02.710Z - info: Logging in user admin
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.759Z - debug: OData query on templates
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.765Z - debug: OData query on folders
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.774Z - debug: OData query on components
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.778Z - debug: OData query on data
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.781Z - debug: OData query on tags
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.785Z - debug: OData query on assets
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.786Z - error: Error when processing OData GET: /odata/assets?$select=isSharedHelper,scope,name,shortid,tags,folder&$orderby=name TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'forEach')
        at module.exports (C:\Projects\jsreport3.3\node_modules\@jsreport\odata-to-sql\lib\query.js:54:28)
        at Object.query (C:\Projects\jsreport3.3\node_modules\@jsreport\odata-to-sql\lib\transformer.js:46:14)
        at Cursor.toArray (C:\Projects\jsreport3.3\node_modules\@jsreport\sql-store\lib\sqlProvider.js:22:29)
        at replay (C:\Projects\jsreport3.3\node_modules\@jsreport\jsreport-core\lib\main\store\collection.js:51:21)
        at C:\Projects\jsreport3.3\node_modules\@jsreport\jsreport-core\lib\main\store\collection.js:58:18
        at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.798Z - debug: OData query on scripts
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.806Z - debug: OData query on users
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.817Z - debug: OData query on usersGroups
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.825Z - debug: OData query on schedules
    2022-01-18T20:14:03.848Z - debug: OData query on settings

  • Unfortunately, this is our bug introduced in 3.3.0.
    I've just fixed it and it will be part of the next hotfix (don't know the date but shortly).
    I apologize for the problems.

  • Thank you.

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