'''Unable to access on-prem JSReport instance'''

  • '''We had our primary developer leave our company before Christmas. And during our transition time he neglected to tell us about how he used JSreport for our document repository. He defined generic usernames and passwords for our on-prem version of JSreport, but we are finding that they do not work, when we attempt to access the repositories.

    Any clue as to why they do not allow access? Are they tied to his original access despite being generic values?'''

  • I probably don't understand the question...

    If you don't know the credentials, you should find the admin username and password in the config file or in the environment variables.

  • We have the credentials in all environments, but when we enter them into one of the on-prem versions we cannot gain access. Below is a screenshot of our staging site with the username and password.

    [0_1643210018610_jsreport-stag.docx](Uploading 100%)

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