Regarding schedule to generate jsreport overnight

  • Good day,

    I wanted to create a scheduling that trigger and run the jsreport to generate and then save it to either my server or aws s3 bucket there, but not too sure how to do it, I am thinking to build a small web services that will run my own endpoint to check how many reports to be generate, then call the jsreport api to generate it 1 by 1 then send it to aws s3 once it's generated... any sharing or best practice for this?

  • We're doing this via a build pipeline during master build, but could also be scheduled, and use the jsreport api to export all reports we have and publish them to an artifactory. We're using gitlab and our pipeline has following jobs. Would this be a solution?

    build jsrexport:
        stage: build
            name: <jsreport-docker-image>
            - echo "### BUILD JSREPORT EXPORT FILE"
           # all our jsreport templates are in the folder 'templates' and it's sub folders
           # the jsreport working directory is app/data in our case
            - cp -r templates /app/data
            - cd /app
            - jsreport export $CI_PROJECT_DIR/export-full.jsrexport
            expire_in: 3 days
                - '**/export-full.jsrexport'
    publish jsrexport:
        stage: publish
            name: <some docker image with curl>
            - curl --fail -u ${USER}:${PASSWORD} -X PUT https://<where_we_put_it>/export-full.jsrexport -T $CI_PROJECT_DIR/export-full.jsrexport       

  • Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the response, but I think this is a bit too technical for me, and I not too sure how to use the Jsreport scheduling or other way to do it, I have over 30k records of report to be generate in bulk... I also scare the timeout as the jsreport I am hosting it on azure web app.

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