JSreport stuck by a lot of requests

  • Hello.
    I was trying to deploy jsreport in Docker.

    Deployment file config in the link.
    The problem is :
    When a large amount of requests are sent to my server (pod) running jsreport. The request is stuck, the log is stopped. And no more requests can be processed.

    My system:
    2.2ghz, SSD
    Scale 2 pods. Limited to 6 CPU cores, up to 16 GB ram.

    What can I do to optimize the smooth running?

    I can accept some tweaks in the configuration for the best. I'm not asking you to simulate the problem. Please help me.

  • Did you consider adding nging or something like that as a reverse proxy "before" jsreport and limiting the number of parallel requests reaching jsreport to avoid overloading it? I don't know if this is the actual problem, but it is a common solution to such situations.

    Your config looks good.

  • OK so do u have any comment about max request jsreport can handle or something ?
    Is it related to CPU or RAM ?

  • It's based on your requests, what they do, how big is the input data...
    You will need to try it out.

    You have good HW resources, so maybe 16 could be a good start.

  • We push in html around 500-700kb. Thank you. I can handle from there.

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