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  • Hi,

    My project uses Chrome PDF to render a full website with internal hyperlinks to other pages and to tags on those pages with the id property set. I am using the pdfUtils.append() function to build up my PDF document in the afterRender() function. The problem with this method of building up the PDF is that hyperlinks to other pages of the website (from different PDF renders) don't transfer correctly, presumably because during the PDF process the hyperlink doesn't have access to its target to know how to convert to the PDF 'hyperlink' equivalent - whatever that is. The point being that I would still like my hyperlinks to be clickable and link to the appropriate target all through my document as the website does. Is this possible, even if it requires some html hackery do you think? I can also apply some pre-processing to convert the page links into ID links if that has more chance of working.

  • Are both pdf's that you are appending produced with jsreport chrome-pdf?
    We have this task in the backlog that should make it work later this year:

  • Thank you for the info Jan. Yes they are all appended with jsreport chrome-pdf. I'll keep an eye out for it.

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