Error when using Azure Blob Storage

  • Hello, I am using the Azure Blob Storage provider, but I am experiencing some errors every time I render a template (via the azure function starter kit). I put in an extra console.log within the main.js from the jsreport-azure-storage and it errors out when it tries to read a (what I presume not yet created) profile log.
    The path to the blob it errors out on:


    The error message:

    Executed 'Functions.HttpTrigger1' (Failed, Id=6f91cbf4-d071-4bda-a469-9c5facff5019, Duration=430ms)
    [2022-03-22T09:47:46.046Z] System.Private.CoreLib: Exception while executing function: Functions.HttpTrigger1. System.Private.CoreLib: node exited with code 1
     LanguageWorkerConsoleLog[error] Worker 491a75a9-e603-4636-916a-0dbd85d269d4 uncaught exception (learn more: ): RestError: The specified blob does not exist. RequestId:3fae6303-701e-0138-4ed1-3d120b000000 Time:2022-03-22T09:47:46.9694976Z     at new RestError (C:\Users\Flokkie\source\repos\jsreport-azure-functions-starter-kit\node_modules\@azure\core-http\dist\index.js:2390:28)     at handleErrorResponse (C:\Users\Flokkie\source\repos\jsreport-azure-functions-starter-kit\node_modules\@azure\core-http\dist\index.js:3274:17)     at C:\Users\Flokkie\source\repos\jsreport-azure-functions-starter-kit\node_modules\@azure\core-http\dist\index.js:3210:18     at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5).

    Can anyone tell me where I might be doing something wrong?

  • Hi, thank you for the bug report. I will try to replicate it...
    Have you tried it with the latest jsreport 3.4.1 ?

  • Yes I have tried it with the latest version.

  • Thank you. I was able to replicate the problem. We have the fix ready and will ship it with the next jsreport update 3.5.0

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