Create Dynamic Header Using Native-Headers

  • I am using JSReports 3.4.1 with chrome-pdf.I want a separate header in page 1 and then for all other pages i will have same headers.Earlier i was using phantompdf and in that i was able to do this using native headers as below.

    <header >
        <img src="image path"/>
    	var header = document.getElementById('header');
        if({#pageNum} == 1){
            header.innerHTML = "<div ><img src='image path'></div>"

    Now in chrome -pdf i am not able to access the page number this way.I tried using the pdf-utils and was able to do this.So i wanted to know is there a way i can do this using native headers itself.

  • I found here a workaround

    Demo here

    However, in general, the native headers are very limiting and often you need to use pdf-utils.

  • Thanks jan-blaha.As i have more templates and using pdf-utils means probably i will have to double the template size i would want to know bit more on the enterprise license edition. I see that it is mentioned that updates are included as part of it so what are these updates actually and what else do i get as part of this license.

  • The enterprise license unlocks you the ability to store more than 5 templates. That is basically the only benefit.
    You can choose between the one-time license with just 6 months of updates provided or a yearly subscription.
    You can see here the frequency of jsreport releases here
    More info can be found here

  • Hello
    When checking the licensing details i can see that if we are using one time license then we have updates only for 6 months.What is these updates?Is it the bug fixes that you release and if i take a one time license and after 6 months if there are updates what will be the difference. So i want to know what is the difference in using the updates when i am subject to updates and when i am not.

  • Every few months we release a new version of jsreport which includes bug fixes as well as new features. The one time perpetual license allows you to update to the jsreport versions released during the 6 months after the purchase.

    You purchase today a perpetual (one-time payment) license, which will work with the latest 3.4.1 jsreport version.
    The next month we release 3.5.0 and your license will still work with it.
    However, in December we release jsreport 3.7.0, and because this will be 8 months after your original purchase, your license key won't work with it.

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