Any npm package that's going to stream into xlsx file is not working

  • Hello,

    I want to ask if there is any configuration or change that should be made to add a package that's going to stream into an xlsx file.

    Actually, I tried 3 packages: jsreport-exceljs, exceljs, xlsx-stream-writer.
    Those 3 packages work like mentioned in the docs in a simple node application (tested locally).

    But they throw the same error when using them in JSreport, I used them separately in an beforeRender script of a simple html template, the purpose is to stream into an xlsx file in the container (the error is : objectMode of undefined in readable-stream folder in node-modules)
    I was using them like it was mentioned in the docs.
    I also checked for the versions and I compared the ones in jsreport container and the ones in node application and they were the same.
    I tried to do some troubleshooting but in vain.

    I m running JSreport in a container and I added the packages in the config file of jsreport and added the command of the installation in dockerfile of jsreport (I did the same for other packages and they were working just fine)
    I tried to use a csv stream package and it was working just fine (fast-csv).

    Thank you.

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