JSreport 2.11.0 error memory

  • Hello.

    My jsreport maybe facing with leak memory problem.


    This is log system. The memory never decrease.
    This is one of three jsreport. Another one is always 12Gb ram.

        "httpPort": 5488,
        "reportTimeout": 600000,
    	"certificate": {
    		"key": "cert.key",
    		"cert": "cert.crt"
        "logger": {
            "console": { "transport": "console", "level": "error" }
        "allowLocalFilesAccess": true,
        "store": {
            "provider": "memory"
        "blobStorage": {
            "provider": "memory"
        "templatingEngines": {
            "numberOfWorkers" : 8,     
            "strategy": "http-server"
        "extensions": {
            "authentication": {
                "cookieSession": {
                    "secret": "secret!!!!2",
                    "cookie": {
                        "secure": true
                "admin": {
                    "username": "admin",
                    "password": "asdasdas"
    			"authorizationServer": {"tokenValidation": {"endpoint": "http://xxx:3000/api/jsreport","auth": false}},
                "enabled": true
            "chrome-pdf": {
                "timeout": 600000,
                "strategy": "chrome-pool",
                "numberOfWorkers": 8
            "reports": {
              "cleanInterval": "5m",
              "cleanTreshold": "1d"

  • Do you see an OOM crash?
    Nodejs typically consume more and more memory and isn't eager to run garbage collector so your chart doesn't necessarily mean it is leaking.

  • In my case. I set max memory per POD: 16Gb. I use docker k8s. It increases until stuck. Is there a way to reduce memory when nothing is running?

  • Which process is using that memory? The nodejs?

    Could you change the "templatingEngines.strategy=dedicated-process" so we know if the memory is used by the worker process or the main one?

  • I will try to set "templatingEngines.strategy=dedicated-process"

  • Hello.


    This is the monitor of jsreport over 2 week. Any idea ?
    Can you guess where the problem lies?

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