Docker Image for ARM (aarch64)

  • Hi,

    The images provided over DockerHub are available for Windows and Linux, as well as for x86-64. Are there any images available or planned that support docker on ARM instances such as t4g.large on AWS?

    Thanks, Thomas

  • I've put it in our backlog, but I don't have a timeframe for when we get to it.

    However, if you have a dockerfile that works for you on ARM, we will happily introduce it in our official images.

  • Hi,

    I've got jsreport working in an arm64 docker. No changes to the dockerfile were necessary, only a different docker command.

    docker buildx build --push --platform linux/arm64,linux/amd64 -t jsreport:multiarch -f packages/jsreport/docker/default/Dockerfile .

    There are setup steps required to setup buildx though. But since you're using github actions, it should setup correctly for you. You do need to add the qemu action though or else some commands in the dockerfile will fail.

  • The chrome-pdf recipe works there right? I can imagine there could be some issues.

    Ok thank you, we will try that.

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