[WORKER_CRASHED]: Worker terminated due to reaching memory limit: JS heap out of memory

  • Hi sir ,
    we are running jsreport in aws loader some times i'm getting an error like this,


    Should i have to increase report timeout and number of workers in jsreport configuration file?
    Right now i have give,

    "reportTimeout": 600000,
    "workers": {
    "numberOfWorkers": 13

  • You are reaching the memory limit. This means increasing reporTimeout or numberOfWorkers won't help.

    The 13 workers are quite a lot. This means there can be 13 parallel requests and 13 chrome background instances which can consume a lot of memory. This config should be applied on a server with some 8GB of memory, but it depends on the case.

    Could you run a single report with the same data that causes the mentioned crash and meassure how much memory the server uses?

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