how to return pdf from dynamic xml file content

  • how to return pdf from dynamic xml file .
    I was trying to Generate throw without template with xml source but m not able to do so kindly suggest some way

    exports.covertHtmlToPDf = [
        async function (req, res) {
            try {
                let jsreportError = '';
                let source = JSON.stringify(;
      "---Reaching convertHtmlToPdf,  printData - " + JSON.stringify(source) + "");
                let reportData = {
                    template: {
                        content: source,
                        engine: 'handlebars',
                        recipe: 'chrome-pdf'
                let res1 = await jsreport.render(reportData).catch((e) => {
                    jsreportError = e.message;
                }).then((out) => {
                    // console.log("res",JSON.stringify(res))
          "Html successfully converted into pdf.")
            } catch (err) {

    with above code with post api call

  • I'm sorry but I don't get what you mean.

    Do you have random XML content and do you want to convert it into pdf?
    How that should look in the end?

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