.Net Local Reporting 'data\storage\profiles' directory not empty exception on relaunch if report has been run previously

  • Hi,

    I'm in the process of doing a PoC using jsreport for the project I'm currently working on.

    I'm following the tutorial from https://jsreport.net/learn/dotnet-local, specifically the 'Locally stored templates' option as that workflow of having a console application devs can use to create reports will work well for us.

    All is working brilliantly however I'm running into an issue starting up the console application again if a report was run in a previous run of the console application. Steps to replicate are:

    • Start the console application
    • Run a report (I am just running the Sales report from the examples)
    • Shutdown the console application by pressing a key in the console window
    • Start the console application again
    • The below error presents


    If I delete the profiles folder the console application will happily start again.

    I have tried to set the 'profiler.defaultMode' setting to 'disabled' both through the 'jsreport.config.json' and the '.Configure(...)' function, however, the profiles are still created. Here is my current config:

      "office": {
        "preview": {
          "enabled": false
      "sandbox": {
        "allowedModules": [ "moment", "https" ]
      "profiler": {
        "defaultMode": "disabled"

    Profiles also seem to be created regardless of which option I use in the studio to run the report, Run/Run(Full Profile)/Download.

    If I go to the Profiler in the studio I see the following:

    Hope you can help as I really like this product and I really like the dev workflow which is possible using .Net local reporting.

  • I've just released jsreport v3 nugets so there may be some initial bugs. Thank you for reporting this. I can replicate it and look into fixing it now.

  • Awesome thanks.

    For now I'll add some code on process shutdown to remove those folders until the fix.

  • It should be fixed now in the jsreport.Local@3.8.1 nuget

  • Fantastic, thanks for the quick turnaround time. I've updated and can confirm that I am no longer experiencing the issue.

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