Does the new pdfDest util work across merged PDFs?

  • Hi,

    We use the afterRender function to merge and append multiple PDFs together to make a very large report. We have a Table of Contents and I was hoping that I might be able to use pdfDest to create proper hyperlinks in my PDF from the ToC chapter listing to the actual referenced chapters in the merged PDF.

    After creating my hyperlink with href and id in the ToC anchors, and adding the pdfDest on the referenced chapters, the hyperlinks all just go to the first page after the ToC, at varying heights down that page.

    I am doing at all as per description here:

    The documentation is unclear about if it is supposed to be able to perform this operation: "This helper can be used to create cross template links in the pdf". Can you please first let me know if this functionality is supposed to work across merged and appended PDFs?

  • Yes, pdfDest should work across appended templates. Please share a minimal playground demo replicating the issue.

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