Same license key error

  • Hello,
    I have a license key for the deployment of JSReport. I am using it in a Docker instance in ECS - AWS Cloud.
    I am using the Docker image of JSReport 3.9.0.
    I have 2 development environments that I configure in developer mode ( license_development=true in var environment and in the interface we can see that the development mode is enabled)
    My prod environment returns this error:
    "Detected parallel usage of another jsreport instance with the same license key.
    The development instances should use config license.development=true and every production instance should have its own enterprise license key. The deployment with several production jsreport instances should use enterprise scale license which doesn't limit the license key usage."

    I don't know if there is another instance that uses this key for the production environment or if this is a bug/misuse of the developer mode.
    Is there any way to check where the key could be used? Or to check if it is a bug?


  • Please email me your license key. I will check it out.

    However, it is quite common for such cloud services to create multiple instances during the deployment for example.

  • Is there a more secure way to get the license key?

  • You can just send me the email you used for the purchase.

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