Jsreport external svg file rendering issue.

  • We are evaluating jsreport to use it as a pdf report generating tool in out project. However we are facing few hurdles. I've described the problem in detailed below.
    Please let us know if there is a possible solution to this problem and wheather we are on the right track.

    Problem Description:
    I have a svg file that is mounted on AWS S3. I am trying to render the svg in my report using a <img> tag as follows:
    <img src={{this.diagram.backgroundImageUrl}} alt="diagramImg"/>
    'this.diagram.backgroundImageUrl' is a s3 link.
    I've attached a screenshot of the result image rendered in the PDF. Also,attaching the actual image that needs to be rendered.
    The svg file has image tags: for eg. <image width="60" height="60" xlink:href="assets/img/test.svg">. Inorder to match the test.svg file path I've mounted all the assets in my Project folder. The root folder structure looks like this -ProjectName/assets/img/test.svg.
    I've added them as assets using following steps: new file->assets->select local file->upload.

    We've experimented with few solutions to check wheather jsreport can render svgs from external resources like S3.
    1]Download a svg from the internet, mount in the project folder and try rendering. This works fine.

    2]Downloaded the svg file from s3. Added it to the project structure at the same level as the assets folder. We were trying to
    figure out if the <image> tag within svg picks the file path from assets folder when saved locally. This did not work as expected. We have the same result as the problem description.2_1673507773185_jsreport playground screenshot.jpg 1_1673507773185_folder structure.jpg 0_1673507773184_actual image.jpg

  • You can see here there should be no problem in rendering external svg.

    The image rendering is chrome's responsibility. jsreport doesn't tweak this. If you can see the image properly with html recipe in the browser, it should work also in chrome-pdf.

    Is it a public s3 url? Can you share it?

  • Try this html

    <img src='https://s3.amazonaws.com/avdesign-staging-mobiuso/4bf503ec-65eb-4371-972f-17c3c0d647be/d9d9fcf9-2f72-4b28-9834-7404fb8bf0a2/5c3fef45-de9c-45d9-a897-a51953de948a/64caa655-f0d5-4b70-8947-158ebdea2a17/84f22a3f-a0b4-48b8-9c65-156449b68393.svg' />

    It doesn't work in the browser as well therefore it can't work in jsreport.

    The problem will be with paths inside the svg

    <image x="0" y="0" width="750" height="1276" xlink:href="e3f1ec83-cd8a-422c-a644-0e7b73ff2c7d.jpeg" 

    This doesn't get resolved properly. I am not an expert in this. Maybe you need to set some base url for svg. Or convert svgs to pngs.

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