Cannot Remove Edit Permissions

  • Hi,

    I am using the cloud version of jsreport. I add a user through the interface and it adds that user to all of my templates with both read and write permissions.

    Is it possible to edit these permissions through the UI? Or do I have to use the API? In that case, where is the documentation for connecting with the cloud API?


  • The new user doesn't have permissions to templates or other entities by default.
    Maybe it is confusing that the user's name is in the permissions menu, but it also need to be selected.

    You can grant permissions to the particular entity by selecting the user in the permissions menu. If you want to remove user permission on particular entity, just hold CTRL and click on selected username.

    The API in general is described here. Only keep in mind that you should use the full url including subdomain in your POSTs to jsreportonline. So for example:

  • Thanks, on mac I used CMD + click to de-select permissions for a user.

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