User cannot save new template

  • Hello, I have created a new user and given them edit permissions on a few templates that are in a nested directory structure. While they can create a new template, they are unable to save it. There are other templates within the outermost directory that they do not have permission for. For example:
    -- SubDir1
    --T1: no permission
    --T2: no permission
    -- SubDir2
    --T1: user permission
    --T2: user permission

    The user has edit permissions on SubDir2/T1 and T2. They can create a new template within SubDir2 but are not able to save it. They get an error message either that they are not authorized, or, upon save, a popup appears asking for the username and password over and over. There do not appear to be any permissions that can be set on the directories themselves, only the templates within. Will I, as admin, have to create and save blank templates for them or can they create them themselves?

    I am using version 2.7.2

  • The 2.7.2 is quite old version, but still, you should be able to edit the folder permission using right-click/edit.


    The entities inside the folder then inherit permissions.

  • Ah, thank you! I did not realize it was under the Edit menu. I was looking at the Properties panel where permissions are assigned for individual entities. Cheers!

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