Docker file with custom chrome version

  • Hello guys,

    Is it possible to provide a docker file with latest jsreport version and a custom chrome version (79.0.3945.0) ?

    I've tried building a docker file based on github examples (default-alpine and full docker-ubuntu files) but without any success.

    Thank you,

  • Unfortunately, this is a problem.
    For some reason, they are removing the old versions of chromium from the linux repositories, so it's problematic to install them later.

    At this moment we don't know how to install old chromium to docker, if someone finds a way, please share with others.

    One option is to inherit FROM jsreport/jsreport:2.7.1 which uses chromium 79, update nodejs, delete jsreport there, and install the latest. However, not sure if this will work.

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