attached jsreport responds to 5488

  • I'm testing a solution similar to the description in Attach to existing express app:

        const server = webApp.listen(3000);
        const jsreport = jsReport({
            extensions: {
                express: { app: webApp, server: server},
            appPath: "/",
            "mountOnAppPath": true

    jsreport responds to both ports 3000 and 5488 even though I removed "httpPort": 5488 from jsreport.config.json. I'd like to have full control of my setup and close that vector. What should I do differently?

    This is what I want and expect:

    This is what I don't need:

    Thank you

  • The example in docs works properly and jsreport doesn't run on the extra 5488 port.

    Are you sure there isn't another instance running on 5488? Maybe some docker container from previous tests?

    Whats in your config? What does your (minimal) code look like? Whats printed to the stdout?

  • Thank you very much. I'll inspect my machine. If it persists I'll make a minimal example

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