Migration (export/import) problem

  • I'm trying to migrate from jsReport 2.11.0 to jsReport 3.10.0 (both on Windows Servers). When exporting the reports on the old version, the generated ZIP file has lots of CRC errors. When I try to import it in the new version via browser, it hangs and never finishes (no errors in the log file).

    When trying to do it via jsreport command line, the export is created, but on import it just says "starting import in.." and then hangs, too. Also, no entries in the log, so no way to determine what's wrong.

  • https://jsreport.net/learn/v3-migration-guide

    The migration doesn't work through the import/export.
    You need to copy the old data to the new app and start it.
    (We will improve the flow for the next major release, our bad)

  • Thanks that worked.

    Maybe this can be made clearer in the docs. Since an in-place upgrade is explicitly discouraged, I got the impression that the reports also cannot just be copied over to a new server.

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