Slow render times with chrome-pdf recipe (> 60 Seconds)

  • Hello,

    I'm experiencing very slow render times for chrome-pdf recipe (rendering ~100 pages). HTML recipe renders super quick, so I'm guessing it's something to do with HTML -> pdf conversion on JSReport's side.

    Are there any known solutions/workarounds?

    I experimented with some node packages to see if I could do the HTML -> PDF conversion myself, and found Prince which actually renders 100 pages in < 3 seconds. Any node packages based on puppeteer/chromium took about as long as JSReports so I figure that's how JSReports is rendering pdfs.

    Thank you!

  • Did you try to skip building accessibility marks?

    Do you embed images in expected sizes?

    Maybe you can share a demo so we can take a quick look if something can be improved. We can't speed up the chrome of course, but sometimes there are some styles optimizations for example.

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