Multiple google maps fails to render

  • Hello, I have a problem when I want to render dynamically multiple google maps based on data that I have. It seems like there are no all the maps in the pdf.... Currently there are data for 11 maps and only 5 is showed. If I increase height of map container to 700px there will be 4 maps. On the other hand if I decrease to 300 there will be 8 and so on... What can be the issue here? Are there some limitation regarding rendering?

    Here is a playground to check

    Note: No errors in logs

    Thanks in advance :)

  • I see the following error in the log, google could be blocking it.

    (console:error) You must enable Billing on the Google Cloud Project at Learn more at

  • It is not related to this problem, same thing happens with real api key. This is just test key with no billing method set up. I think google is not blocking it because as I said if you reduce size of the map there will be more diplayed

  • Yes, I've tried my own key and it doesn't work as well.
    I've tried a simplified version with just "get started" maps. I've also tried the latest chromium 112. The problem preserves. There is no info logged, the maps simply don't load visually or emit js events. I've also tried to put it into flxexbox. I don't know how to further troubleshoot it, it's related to chrome and google maps more than to jsreport.

    I found this related bug in chromium.

    Perhaps it gets propagated to a new release, but I am a bit skeptical.
    Chrome fixes come very rarely.

  • Thank you very much for your support. :) We will investigate further and write here if we find a solution

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