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  • Hello,
    Here at the company we used to use only one account for all the environments we have(dev, stage and production), but we've just created a few other accounts to use as an environment for each environment we have. Now, I have modified the report we use in production with some css improvements, but the problem is that the PDF show as expected when we download the report in our DEV application, but doesnt work properly when we download it in stage(despite the visualization in the jsreport seems ok), the footer is breaking in each page, what doesnt happens in the jsreport visualization. What you think it could be?

    Follows playground here

  • One other thing is that the font seems to be greater in the staging than in jsreport preview. The graphs in staging are ocupating greater width and height as well, what is strange because the code is the same.

  • Chrome uses OS server fonts during pdf printing. Maybe you have some fonts installed in DEV which aren't in the staging.

  • @jan_blaha I am importing fonts ttf file and using as an asset like is on the playground.

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