Xlsx recipe much slower than html-to-xlsx

  • Hello.

    We have a quite strange behaviour in our production enviroment. JsReport 3.10.0

    We have the same report in xlsx (full report fails due to timeout) and html-to-xlsx returns ok really fast

    Searching the forum I found a post from 2019 were you said Xlsx recipe should be faster than htm-to-xlsx.
    In the xlsx we have done some tests with the following results

    1 row 1 column -> 332ms
    4000 row 1 column -> 26223ms
    4000 row 2 column -> 56977ms

    the final report has 4000 rows and 21 columns... never ends.

    Do you have any clue why the xlsx recipe is taking so long?

    Thank you.

  • Could you please share two minimal templates so we know what you compare?

  • https://playground.jsreport.net/w/manu.latasa/nBH0XIKC

    There you can find 2 templates.

    carer_balance_html2xlsx works ok onlye with cheerio (in my onprem enviroment works with chrome engine)

    carer_balance_xlsx (based on carer_balance (1).xlsx) never ends -> network error.

    Please help, what can we do?

  • Excellent, thank you.
    We will check what can be done and come back to you.

  • Good morning. Did you had the opportunity to have a look? Thank you

  • Yes, we are currently implementing optimizations. I let you know when I have some details when we ship it.

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