JSReport Studio in Kubernetes Write Back To Host FS On Save

  • Hello,

    We are running JSReport Studio in Kubernetes and everything seems to work fine except one thing: when we make changes to the data/templates using JSReport Studio and save it, we would like this change to automatically be stored back in the host filesystem (not just the k8s local fs).

    We are currently editing the template files from Eclipse or IntelliJ and it's automatically picked up by JSReport because we use Tilt which automatically detects FS changes and restarts the pod. However, the other way around does not work: editing files in JSReport Studio and saving them will save the changes in k8s file system and they will not be propagated to the host file system, i.e. they will not be visible in IntelliJ or Eclipse.

    Any ideas how to solve this? Sorry if it's a noob quesiton, I don't know k8s too well.

    Many thanks,

  • It seems you should use kubernetes volumes and mount it from the host to the pod jsreportapp/data path.

    However, I am not Kubernetes expert as well. This is more a general kubernetes question and you may get better answers in kubernetes or general dev forums like stackoverflow.

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