Can you please explain about components in jsreport

  • Hi sir ,
    I haven't used components in jsreport till now.can please tell me in which scenario components are using?
    Is it used for long reports?
    I'm actually following order template (the sample template you are providing) , because we call api for getting data for our template.

  • Hi, I would be just rewriting the docs. Please let me know what exactly isn't clear from the docs. Thank you

  • No I'm asking is it possible to create order template from samples can be create using components.if yes can you please share an example.also what do you mean by complex template because in documentation it is saying components are using for reusable template and for complex template.can please explain what do mean by complex template and reusable.can please show me example??

  • Complexity is meant as it's common in software coding.
    If you have a big function in code, you typically decompose it into several smaller functions.
    The same applies to jsreport templates. If you have a lot of code in the template, you can decompose the template into several smaller components.

    The components example is in the docs

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