Create PDF from Word template - unoconv deprecated

  • I see that this playground docx example can use docx as template and generate docx.

    It also seems to be able to generate PDF by using the unoconv Format pdf (
    This seems to be deprecated ( and a new one has been made:

    Is there another better way to generate PDF from Word-templates than using the old deprecated unoconv?

  • I didn't check it in detail, but If I remember correctly, both libs unoconv and unoserver use the same bits for converting docx to pdf (libre office).
    The second one just uses a different approach to keep the libre office instance running and to communicate with it.
    In other words, both will give you the same features and the same outputs. The second one will be just some fixed amount of ms faster.
    I believe you can use unoconv now and when we provide an extension for unoserver, it will be just a simple switch for you.

  • Since as of nov 12 2021 unoconv is deprecated. Its not a speed issue, more of a consern security-vice to be able to have the newer version that atleast have recent changes and are still being maintaned. Not sure if there are any added functionality. Would be nice to see where this upgrade is on the roadmap of jsreport.

    Thank you for the fast reply, great support as always for a great product!

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