Docker - Embedding assets as links dont work

  • I have created simple playground example to explain the issue here: playground

    Following code works in public playground,

    <script src="{{asset "myAssets/Chart.min.js" "link"}}"></script>

    but It throws exception in Docker image(latest - 3.11.3):

    Report "template" render failed.
    Error when evaluating engine handlebars for template /myTemplate/template
    (because) "asset" helper call failed
    (because) asset myAssets/Chart.min.js not found

    I also tried to use asset path starting with slash:

    <script src="{{asset "/myAssets/Chart.min.js" "link"}}"></script>

    It renders without error in Docker, but asset is not loaded - url contains two slashes: http://localhost:5488/assets/content//myAssets/Chart.min.js

    Thanks for help.

  • Thanks for the nice problem description. It is a bug. I've pushed the fix which we should release at the end of the next week. Please use assets without link encoding till then.

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