jsreports:latest-full & oracledb

  • Hi,

    I am attempting to deploy a jsreports container (latest-full, but also tried 3.11.2-full) and connecting to a postgres database. I have all of the variables setup and verified they are correct but when I try to start the container it fails at "Error occurred during reporter init: Error: Error when loading extension oracle-store@3.2.1".
    Error: Cannot find module 'oracledb'
    Error: Error when loading extension oracle-store@3.2.1

    I can't seem to keep the container running, this is in AWS and deploying to an EC2 instance

    I should note we are deploying with terraform and passing variables in via a yml file.

    Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts?

    Thank you,

    Here are the variable in the yml file:
    - name: storeProvider
    value: "postgres"
    - name: extensions_postgresStore_host
    value: "${DB_HOST}"
    - name: extensions_postgresStore_port
    value: "5432"
    - name: extensions_postgresStore_database
    value: "${DB}"
    - name: extensions_postgresStore_user
    value: "${USER}"

  • The latest version that works should be this

    docker run --platform=linux/arm64 -p 5488:5488 jsreport/jsreport:3.10.0-full

    We are currently trying to integrate the latest Oracle driver that works in native js and should mitigate the problem you observe. Until then you can also make your own image that skips jsreport-oracle-store extension.

  • Thank you for the reply, we wound up doing an npm install of oracledb and that got us past the startup problem.

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