Pagination in pptx

  • If i have many rows of table content (108 rows) is there a way to paginate this in pptx? Either some combination of pptxSlides with pptxTable? Even a for loop with a fixed number of rows per page would be fine.

    I appreciate any ideas.

  • Yes, it can be done like this just by batching the data into slides

  • Wow, even simpler than what I thought.
    I've been following JSReport for the last 6 years. Its really great. I've brought it in at my new company (paid version ) and can't wait to show what its capable of. Thank you!

  • Excellent! Long-time users are the best appreciation for us.Thank you

  • Hi Jan,

    I tried the solution in production but i got the error:
    Error while executing pptx recipe
    (because) error when evaluating engine handlebars for template anonymous
    (because) missing helper: "chunks"

    Is there an extension i need to install?
    We are running:
    version: 3.11.3

    chrome-image, chrome-pdf, docx, html, html-to-xlsx, html-with-browser-client, pptx, static-pdf, text, xlsx

    assets: 3.6.0
    base: 3.0.1
    browser-client: 3.1.1
    child-templates: 3.1.0
    chrome-pdf: 3.3.0
    cli: 3.2.3
    components: 3.3.0
    data: 3.1.0
    docx: 3.7.1
    express: 3.7.1
    freeze: 3.0.1
    fs-store: 3.2.4
    handlebars: 3.2.1
    html-to-xlsx: 3.3.1
    import-export: 3.2.0
    jsrender: 3.0.0
    licensing: 3.0.3
    localization: 3.2.2
    npm: 3.1.2
    pdf-utils: 3.9.0
    pptx: 3.4.0
    reports: 3.1.1
    sample-template: 3.2.1
    scheduling: 3.0.3
    scripts: 3.4.1
    static-pdf: 3.0.1
    studio: 3.9.2
    studio-theme-dark: 3.0.1
    tags: 3.1.1
    text: 3.0.0
    version-control: 3.1.2
    xlsx: 3.4.0

  • The helper needs to be filled in here


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