Accessibility Issues on blank PDF

  • Hi jsreport friends,

    I am trying to get some basic PDF Accessibility going in a report. I have created a literally blank HTML document here and generated it. I have many more issue but I have removed the content to start with just to get some fundamental accessibility issues resolved.

    I then pass the resulting PDF through PDF Accessibility Checker 2021 which is from here.

    The results look like this for WCAG:



    All the 'meta' content has been completed on the template's pdf utils page. The pdf Acessibility checkbox is also checked. I am looking to see why the PDF isn't compliant even without any content and what I can do in jsreport to get these starter issues resolved.



  • Hi,

    chrome creates "accessible" output by default by tagging all elements and adding StructTree so the document is sequentially readable by tools like Acrobat. However, it doesn't conform fully PDF/UA. The "accessibility" implementation in the pdf utils just makes sure we copy the struct tree when performing pdf utils operations like merge and append so far. I've filled to backlog task to add more features to the "accessibility" pdf utils feature so we conform PDF/UA in the future. I believe we get to it during the next months. You can subscribe here

    You can get better results if you also enable the PDF/A in pdf utils. It should give you the validation report like this then.


  • Thank you for the response Jan!

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