Moving from JSReport Cloud to On-prem

  • We have a cloud instance and need to move to on-prem so we can integrate better with our CI/CD pipelines. Is there any information on the best way to port our document store over? Is it just a simple export then import? Also, is there a config that replicates the config of our cloud instance?

    Also, how would licensing work? Should I just cancel the cloud and purchase the on-prem license once everything is transferred?

    • Okay, in answer to my own question, it's as simple as export then import.
    • I have purchased an on-prem license and installed it

    I have added jsreport.license.json to my gitignore because I am checking this into our repo. I am planning to deploy this to Lambda. Do I need to install the license json or can I just use the license key in an environment variable?

  • You can use the license key in an environment variable.
    The jsreport.license.json file is more like a "cache" to avoid constant license checks.

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