Cannot authenticate with non-root user?

  • I am looking to use direct browser calls to the server so I would like to use a username and password other than my root login credentials.

    I noted in this instruction that this is the recommended approach:

    Please understand the change of the administrator email can break your API calls in case you use it in the authorization header. In this case, we recommend creating a custom jsreport user and use it in the API calls instead.

    I've created said user on my server, provided a password and checked all the permissions boxes, but I'm getting a 401 Unauthorized. When I switch to test with my root username and password it works fine.

  • This needs to work.

    You have selected these checkboxes right?

    If you use jsreportonline... Does the URL you POST to include your specific subdomain?

  • I tried creating a new user, checked those boxes and now it works!

    I noticed that if I don't have the boxes checked I get a 403 Forbidden rather then 401 Unauthorized which seems correct.

    The first user I created still doesn't work, but that's not an issue for me.

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