Page numbers in footer appended with pdf utils multiple times in a single report

  • Hello @jan_blaha @bjrmatos

    I have one scenario where I need to make multiple files and combine pages together using pdfutils. moreover I need to use the different pages for background as well. so when I'm trying to use footer and background utils together then on some pages the footer is not visible. so for that I had to use footer in multiple files using pdfutils. but If I do that then not able to fetch page numbers properly. Please see the playground below,

    Is there any alternative solution for the same?


  • In order to have the page numbers right when using the multiple pdf utils operations, you should merge the footer with page numbers just once at as the last operation of the main template.

    Here you can find documentation for the operations order meaning

    Additionally, the merge operation has an extra option to merge to the front of the document. This is useful when you have a background you want to top the content onto.


    I've updated the playground here with the mentioned. Although I don't fully understand your workspace so you will need to finish it up to your needs

  • Thanks! @admin It's working fine

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