Docx file preview is not working in gmail, generated with html-embedded-in-docx recipe

  • Hello @jan_blaha @bjrmatos

    I am using html-embedded-in-docx recipe to generate the docx report. When I am sending that through gmail, the preview in gmail is blank. Do we have any option so that we can display the preview in gmail. I have tested a file which is made manually in ms word and it's preview working fine in gmail.

    Blank Preview of docx file generated with html-embedded-in-docx recipe

    Preview of docx file created manually in word.


  • I am afraid this is a limitation of html embedded in docx

    The word support for inlined html is limited. If you want to create native docx reports running in all office implementations, you should check the docx recipe.

  • Hello @jan_blaha

    I have used original docx recipe and when I download it from local and send it in gmail the preview is working fine but when we test it on server then it is not working. Do you have any idea regarding this?


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