is pptx recipe is not stable yet? can I use that in one of my project?

  • Hello @jan_blaha @bjrmatos

    When I am trying to use pptx recipe in my project it is showing me below waring. So can you please confirm that can I use the in my project?


    moreover when I am creating the demo with pptx recipe it's throwing an error like below and not showing the preview in the jsreport studio.


    can it be because of jsreport version? I am using 2.11.0 version. and if I update the jsreport version to latest is that any possibilities that other reports which I made in older version can break?


  • The beta mark was actually removed in the later versions. So pptx is stable for production use.

    Are you able to replicate the same problem in the playground? If yes, then it could be a problem with your template. If no, then the jsreport update should help you.

  • @jan_blaha If I'll update the jsreport version, will it break other reports made in version 2.11.0?

  • That depends, details are described here.

    Note if you want to update to the v4, you need to update to the v3 first.

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