Custom paper size with chrome-pdf

  • Hi,

    Is there any way to custom paper size with recipe chrome-pdf. I would like to have a PDF which will be 3 inches width by 1 in height.

    I tried to change size directly in the designer => no effects
    I tried to set it in script => no effects
    I tried to add phantam-pdf instead of chrome-pdf because many posts that i read talk this is the tool to customize paper size, but i was not able to get to it.

    I'm using nodejs version 16.14. I put you some pics to see what I'm trying to do.



  • The chrome property "format" has a higher priority than "width" and "height". So you just need to remove the "Letter" string from the "format" property. Like here

  • Thank you for your answer, it helps me a lot. I already tried this solution first but there was an error that says unknown format then I realize it was not caused only by the size because I've copied an existing report and when I change the size of it, it cause the error. (script iterate in pages probably or something like that)

    So I decided to start a new one from scratch with the right dimension and everything is working well right now.


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