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  • Hi,

    I am trying to render multiple templates into one template. I'm using the basic examples provided in the jsreport playground. Is it possible to identify which template has rendered completely? I'm using cookies to identify if a template has been rendered or not. But I am having difficulty finding out which specific template is rendered! :(

  • Unfortunately I don't understand what you mean. Could you add also an example? Or create a playground workspace replicating your issue/question?

  • Il try to replicate the issue in playground but it's Goin to be difficult.
    The problem is I'm using the render function to rended multiple templates in a single html. However, each of the templates get data from a different API and hence will take different time to complete execution. All I need to know is, programmatically is there any way to identify which template renders first?. I to view the results on the page, however, I need to know it programtically so that I can hide and show the loading bars accordingly. Does that make sense?

  • No it doesn't. You really need to provide an example or something more. What kind of render function you mean? On the server/client? Or you mean a child template?
    jsreport is quite big ecosystem where "The problem is I'm using the render function to rended multiple templates in a single html" can really mean a lot of things.
    How do you use such "render" function? Can you paste some code? Thank you

  • Thank you for your time, but i found a way. Really sorry that I couldn't paste any code for your understanding. I'm learning jsreport and have only begun understand the hang of stuff. Cool tool by the way

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