Cloning a folder getting increasingly slower

  • I have a default set of templates in a folder structure, that I want duplicated for each new user.

    I'm currently creating a new folder and then using the /studio/hierarchyMove endpoint to "clone" from the source folder into the new folder, e.g.

    // Do the clone - from the existing folder to the newly created folder
    const cloneUrl = `${jsReportSettings.url}/studio/hierarchyMove`;
    const clonePayload = {
      source: {
    	id: jsReportSettings.cloneFolderId,
    	entitySet: "folders",
    	onlyChildren: true,
      target: {
    	shortid: newFolderResult.shortid,
    	updateReferences: true,
      copy: true,
      replace: false,

    (Not sure if there's a better approach, I got the above from examining the network calls when cloning a folder in the Studio...)

    This does work, but I have an issue where the cloning process as outlined above is taking longer and longer with each new user.

    Any ideas? Is there a better way to "clone" a folder? I couldn't find any documentation on the /studio/hierarchyMove endpoint, so not sure what the parameters do and if there's an option there that might help - updateReferences maybe?

    Also, I'm currently using the file system - default jsreport-fs-store - for this (running a Docker image on Azure Container Apps with a "Premium" performance storage account - SSD backed).

    Would switching to using a database backed store be faster, e.g. MongoDB or Postgres? Are there any benchmarks around what's fastest?

  • The hierarchyMove uses transactions for the data consistency. Unfortunately, transactions in the fs store a currently poorly implemented regarding performance. With a lot of data in store, it will always need to do many copy operations which can be time-consuming with slower disks.

    Switching to the full-blown database will make a big difference.
    The jsreport is tested well with mongo, we use it in all our services.

  • Ah makes sense, thanks very much @admin.

    Am in the midst of migrating to Mongo now, so hopefully that'll help matters!

  • Just wanted to say thanks @admin, moving to Mongo brought down the folder cloning from upwards of 2 mins down to 11secs! UI and API seems much snappier as well.

    (Note: Am using MongoDB Atlas Serverless, seems to work fine so far.)

    One thing I found was that using a US database from the UK for development was crazy slow, presumably my internet connection or latency or something, but when I connected from the Docker image hosted in the same region, it was all good.

    Next up, migrating the rendered reports. :)

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