Any path to migrate rendered reports between `blobStorage`s?

  • I am currently using fs for my blobStorage provider, but am in the midst of migrating to MongoDB (GridFS).

    Is there some built in method of exporting/importing rendered reports in the same way that we can migrate the templates? Or should I just script it instead?

    I can get the list of reports with the /odata/reports endpoint in the old server, so I guess it shouldn't be too hard to script, just wanted to see if there was a built in way first.

  • There is no such feature now, unfortunately. You will need to script it.

  • Ok, thanks @admin!

    Will I need to ensure the actual files (e.g. in the Mongo fs.files collection) have the same _id values, or are they just referenced against their filename property?

    e.g. is the relationship between the reports collection and the fs.files collection between:
    reports.blobName == fs.files.filename

    Or does it use the ID in the filename or something, e.g. reports.blobName: reports/pdf/myTemplate/65a118152302904f0a473298.pdf => fs.files._id: 65a118152302904f0a473298?

  • Just the blobName should be enough.

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