Urls not working in password protected pdf

  • When the pdf is protected by password, the urls are not working. The following are options I have used,

     let reportTemplate = {
            template: {
                chrome: {
                    format: "A4",
                    printBackground: true
                content: htmlContent,
                engine: 'handlebars',
                recipe: 'chrome-pdf',
                pdfPassword: {
                    password: 123456,
                    ownerPassword: 123456,
                    printing: "LowResolution",
                    modifying: false,
                    fillingForms: false,
                    copying: false,
                    print: true,

  • What do you mean by "the urls are not working" ? Do you mean that anchor links are not clickable and doesn't open a web page?

    It works for me...

    I've tried the following html

    <a href='https://jsreport.net'>https://jsreport.net</a>

    Here is the playground

    Here is the output pdf

  • Hi Admin, If I generate the pdf with the password protected, anchor links are not working but when it is generated without the password protected , the anchor links are working fine.

    I am using the @jsreport/nodejs-client .

  • Let's isolate the problem.
    What if you render the same template as I have mentioned? Does it have a proper link?
    What if you download the pdf I shared, can you use the link?

  • The Admin, the anchor tags and the pdf you generated are absolutely working fine.
    The anchor tags are working fine under the normal conditions
    While the pdf is protected by password , my anchor tag links are changed or disabled which are unclickable.

  • I've shared a password-protected template with password-protected pdf output. The links are working in the output pdf if you fill in the password, which is btw one letter "a".

    You will need to find out what is different in your case.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Can i have your official email , i cant able to upload my pdf here.
    The pdf you have mentioned is not password protected. After downloading It was not the password protected.

  • I see it password protected, or at least it asks for password in browser as well as in acrobat

    My email is jan.blaha@jsreport.net

  • Sorry for my mistake. It is working fine. In our server we have some issues i guess. Due to that anchor tag is not working

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