jsreport Docker does not use mounted volumes

  • Hi,
    I can run jsreport in a docker but it will not save to setup volumes nor read the jsreport.config.json from the setup volume.

    compose file:

    version: '3'
        image: jsreport/jsreport:4.3.1-full
          - '80:5488'
          - './data:/data'
          - './jsreport.config.json:/jsreport.config.json'
        restart: unless-stopped

    What am i missing?
    I want to store all persistent data, templates, assets etc on the volumes

    Man i feel like a noob!!


  • Check this in the docs here

    The volumes should be configured like this

     - './data:/app/data'
     - './jsreport.config.json:/app/jsreport.config.json'

  • Thank you!!!
    I was mostly confused that I could mount a file as a file. My brain could not accept that. :)

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