Title and logo not updating.

  • How can I customize the tab title and logo in jsreport to display my own logo? Currently, when I generate a PDF from my UI by clicking a button, I am unable to change the logo and title, but when I generate the PDF directly from the studio, I don't encounter this issue. Please see the PDF attached below for reference.


  • The pdf title which the browser displays can be modified in the pdf utils meta

    The icon is taken from the favicon of your website I guess...

  • The favicon only appears when the report is run from the jsreport studio, but not when it is run from the UI of the application. I have already added the favicon to the node_modules@jsreport\jsreport-studio\static folder, but the icon is still not displaying on the tab. Is there anything else that you have tried to resolve this issue? Please let me know what change should I make to display the logo along with the title.



  • This needs to be favicon of your application that you host on localhost:8080

  • It worked. Thank you for your help.

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