Date doesn't render on CSV report

  • Hi all

    I am trying to produce a csv report in js reports. I use the following code to create a template populate using the for loop. I have a function which returns todays date on js script function named "now" but when I call this function in relavant cell it doesn't render

    Js Report:

    Branch, Account Number, Sub Account Number, File Type, Created Date, Failure Reason, Extract Date
    {{for reportData}}{{:branch}},{{:accountNumber}},{{:subAccountNumber}},{{:fileType}},{{:createdDate}},{{:failureReason}}, {{:now}}
    function now(){
    return new Date()

    data source:

        "reportData": [
                "branch": "108",
                "accountNumber": "05056210",
                "subAccountNumber": "03",
                "fileType": "M",
                "createdDate": "25 April 2024",
                "failureReason": "Load reason null"

    All other cells get populated with the respective data

  • You seem to be using jsrender and the jsrender syntax for the helper call is {{:~now()}}

    Note I would strongly recommend using a handlebars templating engine. It is the most documented and supported engine in jsreport.

  • Thank you very much I didn't know that, still learning Js Reports.

    I can confirm syntax for the helper call worked and managed to get the date inserted in the cell.

    I consider your advise for future work.

    Thank you very much again

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